Services Overview

In order to serve our clients effectively, we’re selective about the assignments we take and only specialize in only recruiting attorneys. If we commit to a search, then we fill it successfully.

Choose the flexible option that best suits your business goals:

Retained Search

  • Dedicated search customized to your specific requirements.
  • This highly successful search option includes detailed reporting and updates.
  • A search consultant will be assigned to your search until a successful hire is made.
  • Analysis, research, sourcing, evaluation, presentation, offer assistance and follow up are all included in the retained search service.

Engagement Fee Search

  • This option gives your paid search a high priority for a specified time period.
  • We take on a limited number of these searches in order to dedicate our resources to your success.
  • Engagement fee search also includes analysis, research, sourcing, evaluation, presentation, offer assistance and follow up.

Exclusive Contingent Search

  • Launch an extensive and confidential search for the legal talent your firm or company depends upon.
  • Exclusive contingent searches are suited to identifying and presenting candidates for a position a client does not want to be broadcast publicly.
  • Quaero Group will solely work on the search and be accountable for your success, and no upfront fee is required.

Business Consulting

For firms or businesses struggling with issues including strategy and business development, Quaero Group’s experts can provide third-party consulting services.

Begin your search today. Contact Quaero Group to customize your legal talent search.