The internal leadership that a General Counsel can provide is an incredibly valuable asset to a company. Between working across departments, leading strategy, and maintaining efficiency, General Counsel leadership can drive business and help shape the direction of growth of a legal department, as well as an entire company. Is your company’s General Counsel a dynamic contributor within the company?

Pushing Ideas Forward

Ideas drive the engines of innovation in business. While the General Counsel knows compliance, what else are they doing to contribute to the direction of the company’s growth? How else are they adding value? A General Counsel has a unique perspective within the company and often when they use that view strategically, they’re able to bring ideas to life by getting the legal team involved early on in the creative process. They’re able to effectively commercialize a concept to bring it to market. Great General Counsels are also able to:

  • Advise on business concepts.
  • Use their legal team’s expertise to explore the different avenues of commercialization.
  • Use their unique view to work across departments in the development of ideas.
  • Explore product ideas – what works?
  • Address problems early on to avoid stumbling blocks later.
  • Facilitate sales and marketing efforts.

Corporate Initiatives

If the CEO has an initiative to implement, the General Counsel can be a benefit on many levels. Besides making sure the company stays compliant, which is of course the top priority, they can also advise on the implementation of strategies. The General Counsel can also:

  • Set a high-level strategy for the legal department.
  • Lead the legal department and help them to be more efficient.
  • Provide ideas, consultation and guidance to the C-suite.

Collaboration Across Departments

A General Counsel with good leadership skills will collaborate across departments. When they’re involved in conversations with colleagues, they’re more likely to spark ideas and stimulate creative problem-solving. These dialogs help open the doors between departments and allows General Counsel to be more involved from the beginning with new ideas. Here they can help by:

  • Guiding and advising teams on what’s important.
  • Maximizing efficiency by getting involved with new ideas early.
  • Driving sales and growth for the company.
  • Providing the legal perspective early amongst the various departments.

Getting Ahead of the Process

Getting involved from the beginning of the creative process helps them to keep everyone informed of issues they need to be aware of moving forward. Often legal encumbrances create a bottleneck in the sales process. If the General Counsel can be involved and communicate the potential pitfalls and highlight what’s essential in the contract, then that bottleneck can be more quickly and easily eliminated. They can also benefit the company by:

  • Discussing legal challenges early on so all parties involved can create around them.
  • Proactively communicating with team members.
  • Getting involved in the creative process – saving time and money.
  • Thinking a few steps ahead.

These are just a few ways to maximize the benefits of a dynamic General Counsel within your company. By encouraging their involvement across departments, maximizing collaboration, and allowing their leadership skills to flourish, you are helping drive the growth and creativity of the company.

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