In the current market where competition for talent is very high, having a strategy to attract and retain top professionals is critical. Without a clear and ongoing plan, you may find your best people leaving for other companies, or you may find that their enthusiasm waning. Here are six proven strategies to attract and retain talent:

1. Cultivate a Buzz About Your Company

Word gets around fast when it comes to great companies and how they treat their employees. Always nurturing your company’s image and brand is a key way to create a buzz.

  • Nurture media contacts who will write about you in business journals and newspapers.
  • Get listed in “Best Places to Work” lists, regionally and/or nationally.
  • Have a positive social media presence that reflects your brand.
  • Most importantly, have your employees be your company’s spokespeople.

2. Create a Positive Corporate Culture

This should be an ongoing process of reflection and improvement. Avoid the trap of waiting until you’re desperate to focus on this aspect of recruiting and retention.

  • Define your culture in writing using your focused and specific mission statement.
  • What sets you apart?
  • Make it a goal to be known as a great place to work.

3. Keep Your Employees Healthy & Happy

Your team dedicates a substantial part of their lives to the company’s success. Compensation is just one aspect of what keeps them there. What are you doing to keep your team happy and engaged?

  • Encourage your team.
  • Plan a social hour, incentive trips or lunch outings.
  • Provide gym memberships or host a fitness boot camp.
  • Keep a variety of healthy beverages and snacks on site.
  • Listen to your team; find out what kind of perks they’re interested in.

4. Engage a Quality Headhunter

I don’t use an attorney if I don’t need one, yet there are times when I need one, and I’m happy to have a professional who is ready to get the job done. Headhunters are similar – they’re not always needed, but when they are you’ll be grateful to have one on your side.

  • Good recruiters know your company well.
  • They know how to tell your story.
  • If you’re having trouble finding really great talent, find a recruiter and stick with him or her.

5. Network

In addition to networking on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, find a way to be a leader in your community. This is a great way to help others while sharing your company’s story and building connections.

  • Volunteer to help those who are less fortunate.
  • Sponsor a non-profit scholarship or education fund.
  • Host a fundraiser, coordinate a food pantry collection, or run a 5K for a good cause.

6. Have a Great Product

Ensure that every product or service you provide is top-quality. Your team should feel like it’s something they can really get behind. Whether it’s a design, a medicine, or a professional service, ask yourself:

  • Does it have integrity?
  • Does it have a “cool” factor?
  • Is it innovative or cutting-edge?
  • If I needed it, would I use it?

In this market, it’s vital to have a strategy to attract and retain talent. Using these proven strategies will help you establish a clear plan to follow. With a plan in place, you can have a robust team with excited and motivated employees who stick around for the long term.

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