If you are currently working for a law firm, switching to in-house work could provide you with a different career direction that can have substantial benefits.  One report from a state Bar Association on In-House Lawyers found that as many as 85% of Chief Legal Officers and General Counsels find their careers rewarding.

Based on our experience working with companies and in-house candidates, here are some of the reasons why people enjoy working as a Corporate Counsel.


The opportunity to be dedicated to one client.

In-house attorneys are integral to the success of a company and, with their attention solely focused on just one client, they can become involved in many aspects of business strategy. When in-house attorneys for top companies were interviewed by the Bar Association about what made their jobs enjoyable, the opportunity to be dedicated to just one client was a prevailing theme. In-house attorneys spoke of the professional satisfaction that comes from helping to accomplish their company’s core goals; developing an in-depth understanding of the company’s needs; the chance to be a part of world-class teams; and the chance to develop “deep expertise” within the company’s field.


No more time sheets.

Keeping time and meeting billable hour requirements are elements often disliked by most attorneys. With an in-house position, your days of measuring every minute are over. You can enjoy a more normal work schedule and get your job done well without worrying about accounting for every second of your day.


Work/Life Balance.

In-house attorneys do not have billable hour requirements and they do not have to concern themselves with directly originating more business for a firm. With just one company’s needs to focus on and just one client to answer to, in-house lawyers can generally allocate their time more easily to accomplish essential tasks.  Most corporate counsel work is less ad hoc and slightly more project oriented, which allows for one to take more control of their schedule. Granted issues do come up and you do get the occasional executive calling you on the 11th hour of a deal but, by most accounts, it is far less frequent than in a law firm. A more reliable schedule and less pressure to work constantly changing hours can help many in-house attorneys to achieve a better work/life balance.


Are you looking for an in-house position?

Better work/life balance, eliminating timekeeping requirements, and the ability to develop in-depth expertise in a client’s business matters are just some of the key reasons why there is a lot of demand among legal professionals for in-house counsel jobs. Quaero Group works with top companies nationwide, and we can be a resource to help you to find interesting, lucrative, and meaningful work in an in-house counsel position.

Quaero Group provides assistance to attorneys in building their brand, building their legal practice, and finding interesting and lucrative work.  We have some great success stories about the attorneys we have placed and how their career trajectory changed due to our speaking to our client.  Contact Quaero Group, Recruiters of Attorneys Nationwide, to discover more about how we can help you to maximize your professional opportunities.

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