When your company has in-house counsel, you have talented legal professionals as a part of your team of human resources. You need to make the most of the knowledge and skill of the legal professionals who are working for your organization. This means tapping your legal staff for assistance with more than just regulatory compliance.

Your business should be taking advantage of the unique perspective and strong critical thinking skills your in-house counsel provides. You can harness these skills to aid in business development. Your legal staff can help you become more profitable and grow your business, if you let them use their talents to their full potential. Some key ways your legal team can help improve your business profitability include:

Identifying and evaluating strategic transactions:

In-house attorneys can provide insight into opportunities for business growth, such as IPOs, or mergers & acquisitions. Attorneys can also provide insight into areas of the business which could be restructured more profitably.  A really good attorney has likely seen good transactions and bad transactions so they will be able to provide advice on terms that make a transaction profitable and ultimately successful.

Involvement with complex problem solving:

In-house attorneys can be consulted on a wide variety of decisions that require strategic assessment. Lawyers can do more than just say no when legal risks are too great. They can provide assistance with change management, offer advice on risks worth taking and identify pressure points where legal input could provide clarity.

Negotiating deals:

Attorneys can negotiate deals with suppliers, manage relationships with outside counsel to secure advantageous rates and facilitate stronger employee/employer relationships.  They likely have a good perspective and methodology to the way they negotiate deals, so involve them in the process early, even if it is to simply listen during these negotiation meetings.

Revenue recovery:

In-house counsel can be entrusted with tasks related to collecting payments from clients who delay or who decline to pay in full.  This is a delicate act because you often do not want to upset clients.  Most attorneys are great at facilitating terms to recover revenue while keeping clients happy.

Protecting and enforcing a company’s rights:

In-house counsel can protect a company’s intellectual property (IP) and safeguard other rights of the organization through litigation and aggressive representation.  But likely before you get to that point, a good attorney with strong knowledge of IP and various legal areas, will have guided you to set the company up where the company’s legal rights are strong and enforceable.

Are you looking for talented legal professionals?

To make the most of employing in-house legal counsel, you need great people on your team. Quaero Group can help your company find dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys who are looking for in-house legal work. Contact us today for help hiring legal staff for your company so your team can have the best people to help with business development.

At Quaero Group, our work begins by developing an ideal candidate profile. We examine our client’s culture and needs to determine the unique candidate qualities that create an ideal fit.  Then we simply go out to tell your story and attract the best attorneys in the marketplace.  To secure the legal talent your firm requires, contact Quaero Group, Recruiters of Attorneys Nationwide.



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